Friday, June 29, 2007

The things we have to do

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. This morning I spent a very nice time walking round Rhodes Old Town which is encircled by the most beautiful historic city walls. As we went past the harbour we saw the very cruise liner in which cruised in last year, what a small world. This was followed by a casual stroll around the harbour where we saw the sailers putting their boats together and last minute adjustments made to the pool (more of that later). Lunch was a nice bit of sea bream which was cooked to perfection.

On the other hand, this afternoon was spent listening to spectators from a UK island moaning about the lack of spectator accreditation. It's pretty hot in the office and it's getting hotter by the minute as the frustrations of accreditation less are being continually vented. Indeed, venting is the right word as we are not far away from a volcanic explosion.

Hopefully, things will improve as the afternoon progresses.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Well we've made it to an extremely hot Rhodes. The flight out was unproblemmatic and we arrived at our hotel within an hour of landing. The hotel is ok, though we found that we got to our room the air conditioning was not working and continued not to work throughout the eveining and into the morning. My temper was not improved when I was told I had to wear long trousers in order to enter the dining room. Now I dont even wear a jacket and tie to eat at the Longueville Manor and to be told to go back to my room and put on some long trousers for food which can t be best be described as edible was a little galling.

Fina and Millie, due to the air conditioning not working decided they would be more comfortable if they slept on the balcony, I have to say it wasnt much more comfortable in the room itself. Today we have travelled over to the other side of the Island to meet up with the main body of the team who are staying in far more palatial surroundings. I wont say any more than both Fina and Millie want to move and my credit card and I are putting up a desperate rear guard action to avoid it.

So it's been an eventful few hours


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On the road to Rhodes

Well we are finally on the road. A 5 am start for a 7.00 am flight. Have to admit we were a bit worried as there seemed to be a problem the plane which had required engineers to be flown over from Exeter. That said we amused ourselves by looking at everyone else wearing the red and white tracksuits. Plus there were loads of over people we knew at the airport flying to London for the day which included : our next door neighbour; the man who walks his children to school every day with their dog who we don't know but see everyday; Clare Farley off to the UK to get schemes of work. Nevertheless, once we arrived at Gatwick we started the process of queuing to pick up bags, queuing to check-in;queuing to go through to departures. We now have the expensive wait in the departure lounge where new and essential purchases are identified by the second. Hopefully, we will soon be on the plane and experience the joys of airline food eaten in a cramped environment.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Test post

this is a test post